Friday, March 9, 2012

Mummy's Boy

Meet Dugan McKay a 26 year old Diesel Mechanic showing off the keys to his (Bank's Really) new "Mission Brown Brick" bachelors pad in Roleystone.(Just a few doors down the street from Mum & Dad)
It's most redeeming feature is the extensive use of Mission Brown Exposed Face Brick throughout the living areas.   

At 26 years of age, having worked for at least 8 years Dugan has not had the discipline or maturity to save a deposit to buy his first home. Instead after exhausting all other avenues he resorts to help from Mummy & Daddy to achieve his home ownership dreams.

In reality people like Dugan have no place on the property ladder yet many "Genuine" First Home Buyers find that they have to pay more for their first homes because they are finding themselves having to compete with "DIPSHITS" like Dugan who can only really enter the market because he  relied on Mummy & Daddy also putting their property up as surety.

Just wait till reality hits him between the eyes & he discovers just how much more it costs to own a home V's living in a "CARAVAN" at the back of Mummy's house. Lets see the smile on his face early July when the Shire & water rates roll in, this Dipshit could not save a deposit where is he going to find the money to pay theses rates? Oh that's right Mummy can help there as well?

One of the things that attracted Dugan to this property was it's "Close Proximity" to the "City" but if you look at the map below you will see that his little Property Gem is actually on the very outskirts of the Perth Metro area. Any further out & Dugan will need to pay rates in the City of Kalgooorlie.