Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dracula In Charge of The Blood Bank

Nigel Satterley

NIGEL Satterley has been appointed to an independent body investigating housing affordability and land supply issues nationally. 

The NHSC { National Housing Supply Council } was established by the Federal Government in 2008 as an independent body to provide forecasts, analysis and advice on land supply and construction activity to meet housing demand and improve affordability over a 20 year forecast period.

The NHSC’s immediate priority will be to develop and deliver the third “State of Supply Report” which provides data on housing supply and affordability, housing demand and the supply-demand gap.

This would be equivalent to appointing Gail Kelly CEO at WESTPAC to a committee advising Gov't on reforms required in the Banking Sectors!!!  

This man is a Developer who is restricting the supply of land & inflating its price to maximize profits on land he is developing.

Satterley Group has Millions upon Millions of Dollars of land that they trickle onto the market they are the biggest part of the problem.

What chance of Mr Satterley putting a recommendation to Gov't to tax developers who hold land ??

Developers like this are the problem in the first place!!

Now he is going to advise the Gov't on supply issues?

To make matters even worse – the other addition to this panel is another Property Developer from  Stockland Residential CEO,-  Mark Hunter.

Excuse me Just how many people with vested interest are advising the Minister??

But If that is not bad enough look at what  Mr Satterley has to say about house prices in a property report in The West Aust (14-05-2010)

He is forecasting property prices will go up 100% in 8-9 years!!!

In fact he states quite clearly that this is "INEVITABLE"

So if he really thinks that it is "INEVITABLE" why bother sitting on this panel.

Step aside & let someone without a vested interest in property prices going up 100% every 8-9 years have a go!!! 

Just another Blood Sucking Developer with vested interests


  1. He'll want to do all he can to get prices down won't he?

    How do the real people get appointed to the National House Prices Always Go Up Council?

  2. The whole system is fixed to screw the wider population - from the cheap debt and relaxed lending rules to developers and complicit politicians. It is odd that a country with the volume of land like Australia has such high prices - even in crowded countries (in terms of population density) housing is cheaper.