Monday, July 4, 2011

Australian Realtors Bullshit BINGO

Want to have some fun at your next Auction or Home Open?

Follow the link & Print this BINGO Card.

I Guarantee You will shout BINGO every time.

In Fact it should take no more than 5 minutes to play this game.
(Realtors wont be able to help themselves)

This Bingo Card is full of Realtors Catch phrases & Spruiks.

Perhaps you might like to try an alternative method, that is much much more fun.

Print this Card out and hand it to the Realtor. 

Now inform him that he cannot use any of the phrases on the card when talking about the property you are about to view.

Watch as he stands there in stunned silence unable to speak.

(Click on Image below to enlarge) 

(BTW Please add your favourite "Spruiks" in the comment box & I can post several cards to print)

Perhaps you would like to create your own?
(Click on Link Below)

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  1. The Aussie real estate bubble depends on China, and China is in the midst a housing bubble bigger than any in the globe, except from Australia!! By any measure The Aussie bubble's on a far larger scale and less sustainable that Chinese bubble. Just like Oz, China's investing in pointless excess infrastructure nobody needs including huge over-supply of homes. Sure, Australia might have had strong population growth in the past to fill those houses, but the latest ABS data shows immigration in freefall.

    For Australia, the party's over and everyone knows it. Vendors are now taking their overpriced homes off the market and putting them up for rent because they can't sell! It was obvious asset prices couldn't keep rising forever!

    Australia has a serious debt problem that needs to be addressed. But at the moment it’s not even being acknowledged. Why not? Could it be that if we acknowledge the debt and the need to deal with it, we have to acknowledge its cause? And could it be that the cause is too unpalatable to reveal? Could it be that successive Australian governments, along with business, have been running a Ponzi scheme with our assets, our resources and our future? It's unsustainable. Auction results have totally collapsed. No government wants house price growth to slow but it's unavoidable now.

    Slow growth undermines the short-term share price of big business (and CEO remuneration), as well as the electoral performance of the government. So to facilitate growth, the Government turns a blind eye to the fact that a significant proportion of demand fuelling “growth” is debt driven; debt-financed demand has constituted around 20% of total demand in the Australian economy. The best way to keep growth on the up and up is to keep everyone spending and money cheap. Consumers are told that spending is the right thing to do by businesses that profit from consumer expenditure and by governments who bask in the glory of booming growth figures.

    The availability of cheap credit and consumer binges drives up prices, so more debt is needed to keep the spending going. People feel wealthier as their house prices have gone up and they have more stuff, but they don't realise that negative gearing and similar tax rorts just makes things worse. People their house will fund their retirement, so they are happy to spend more and save less. Everyone is happy – particularly business and government - so long as the spending binge continues – and money can be found to keep servicing the mountains of debt being accumulated. And therein lies the rub. How is all this debt to be financed?

    Consa Greenwood
    Australian Housing Affordability Crisis